Saturday, August 10, 2013

Musical Instruments in Holy Qurbana - Calling a spade a spade

From childhood, I have always prayed that the Church should take upon it as a mission to stop using instrumental music and help its members within the parish to concentrate more the words in the hymns of the Holy Qurbana to commit to memory and sing from the depths of our hearts to God's glory. It is unfortunate that the Catholicate is failing in this regard. Very often a compromise is achieved by stating that the choir has not been trained well and should be under Sruti. In recent time some guidelines were brought out , but a return to Orthodoxy on why we come together and what the music means in our worship should be understood , taught and understood by the laity . To this Catholicate was for which our Venerable saint Vattasheril Thrumeni has stood barvely and to it has he comited each of us if we are from the Catholicate upon his death bed. In that regard, Let us not instead heed to gimmics of the so called learned musical maesteros that has crept into Church and be open to call a spade a spade when required. Praying that the Leaders of the Church may see this as a need of the hour, For edification , here is an article friends who believe a Return to Orthodoxy is required not only in the Catholicate but also all the Oriental Orthodox Christian communities is required. Lord Have Mercy See this article at Return to Orthodoxy

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