Friday, July 5, 2013

Asset Building Questions

Asset building questions

Our effort in North America by building assets – A warning question to ask?

Antiochene, OCA churches, here in North America having no connection with their Native churches. For example, OCA has turned back on the bulk of Russian church. Every Orthodox denomination has failed in North America in this, as they forgot the community or area that supported them in the first place because after 150 years, they got so used to American culture as it is comforting. Is there a real reason for the Indian church to follow suit here? Are our buildings more important than the life of individual as Orthodox Christian with struggles and suffering?

In the same light,

Catholicate foremost important effort in India - Building assets?

While we totally have to clarify our stand to anyone and to all that the Catholicate which we have been entrusted is not under or subordinate to any other Patriarchate or Catholicate be it Alexandrian Coptic, Armenian or any other like the Syrian Church which have come to help when we had problems, Let us ask if our Asset building is our foremost calling?. Or Is it to turn ourselves and help each other to live out Orthodox Christian faith? Do we have a reason to seek peace and try to help the suffering Syrian Church and welcoming those who are open to come back to Church and lead to ask in Prayer - Lord Have Mercy?

July 5, 2013

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