Friday, May 4, 2012

Intercession of St. George- Some History and Hope

 Intercession of St. George

From  the History of Martyrs in Malayalam ( Translation to Malayalam in 1906 from Syriac by HH Moran Mar Baselius Geevarghese II  and thereafter translation to English in 1994 by  Mr. Jose Kurien Puliyeril)

When the Saint was taken into custody he asked permission to the authorities to have a prayer. He prayed like this

 " My Lord God, please listen to my prayers. so many are waiting to take my dead body. My body and bones will not be enough for te whole world. Oh Lord,grant me this prayer.If anyone is in need,in strain, in danger,fear or have fearful dreams and seeks my intercession, please grant him deliverance. On the judgment day deliver the ones of their burdens if they remember my name. If one remembers my name, grant him the rain and sun as and when required in his fields and gardens. If one remembers my sufferings on the particular days, please protect their houses from all evils,let them not have deaf,dumb and blind children.let them not be troubled by satan,don't consider their sins,and be kind to all human beings of flesh and blood and have mercy upon them all"

God was pleased with the Saint's prayer and there was answer from God soon. The voice of God echoed:

" George, you come here in peace. You are a brave soldier and a good servant and i am pleased in you and your deeds so far. Now you enter the paradise and have peace. I shall always consider your intercessions. If anyone prays remembering yourname,I shall forgive his sins and will be kind to him. I am always good to te penitents"

Wen God's voice ended St. George made the sign of the Cross and  offered himself before death without fear or hesitation with full hope and faith in his Lord and God.
Due to the wondrs of the intercession of St. George so may have come to believe in one true God.

These facts were recorded by Punnicristose, a follower of St. George. " All these have happened for the firmness of our faith and for the spreading of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let there be praise and glory upon our true God now and forever- Amen"


Lord , May the prayers of St. George help us sinners

May 4, 2012