Monday, February 23, 2015

Remembering our Fathers - February 23, 2015

" We are never allowed to forget even in a small local church the presence of this great cloud of witnesses who share with us the life of the One Church. We remember at every Eucharist the departed as a whole, and especially the Apostles, great teachers, and spiritual leaders who have helped build up and protect the Church from error and deviation. It is not a law that we have to ask the Saints to intercede for us. We do it with great joy and genuine appreciation of their past and present role in the one Church of Jesus Christ."  - extract from St. Thomas Seminary, Nagpur  Webpage
Lest we forget -
  • Our father HG Makarios who served the Catholicate and the Holy Church including 46 years of his ministry to serve the Church in North America.
  • Our saint  Saint HG Geevarghese Mar Dionysius of Vattasseril
When asked at some time what was the mission field of his, Makarios Thirumeni told it is You - You the Future of the Church . May His prayers be with us . See below Final Message by HG Makarios ( 3 parts). It  was of the Church and its mission outside Kerala and India
See below last Kalpana by St. Dionysius
 As the Church is being persecuted by the evil one and his forces to bring disharmony from within the Oriental Orthodox Christian community, within the Catholicate and every Parish , Let us pray that through us the  evil  not spread and cry desperately with tears  our Lord's mercy ,so that even with our shortcomings He may use us for His Glory
May the Prayers of the Fathers to our Lord be our Strength
George Varghese
Calgary, Canada
February 23, 2015