Friday, February 17, 2017

Sunday of all Departed faithful

In every Liturgical year , We enter into the Holy Lent  not alone but with a whole congregation . May the prayers of Saint Severus , Mother Mary and All the  Saints -  Priests and  Faithful the Departed and in Earth amongst us lead us as we enter into yet another Holy Lent in 2017.

Primary purpose of prayer is to offer praise and adoration to our Lord. Infact, when we do request anything from God, our main request is mercy. We bessech Christ for mercy and compassion for the sins that we have commited against Him. However , the prayers are not just about repentance , but communion with God. In our communion with God , we are also brought into communion with those who loved God through out their life: the Saints and Faithful Departed , as well as our Faithful brethren on this earth. So Prayer , while being personal , is not independent. Prayer for the Orthodox Christians is personal, yet communal.

Short introduction from Church School  Grade 12 textbook  - Lesson 9

Evening : St.Matthew25:31-46 Morning :St.John5:19-29

Before Holy Qurbana
Deuteronomy 34:1-12 

Holy Qurbana

Scripture Readings from Church Lectionary.


 February 19, 2017

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