Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 20 ,2016 - Annunciation to St. Mary Mother of God

November 20 - Annunciation to St. Mary Mother of God. Let us remember she who was chosen for our Salvation that we can cry out . O Holy Mother Mary Mother of God Save us .

From Evening Prayer

In Heaven and Earth and Eden – Halleluiah
1. May a good memory be made of the Virgin In churches and monasteries throughout the world .She was pure and holy in virginity Pleasing to the King of Kings who dwelt - in her womb Her memory- is in heaven and earth May her prayer – be for our refuge Lord, make us share in the memory of Your mother. Barekmor
Priest: Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit People: Unto the ages of ages and for ever more.
2. Glory to the Son of God who was so pleased To come forth from the blessed and Holy  virgin Through her ear she received him and - she bore him He came forth from her womb and yet it - remained sealed Praise to Him – Who humbled Himself Praise to Him – Who did become Man Praise to Him who saved His Church and she – sings His praise!

From Lectionary of Malankara Orthodox Church .

Evening St.Luke8:16-21  ,
Morning St.Mark3:31-35

Before Holy Qurbana
Genesis28:10-22 ,  Judges13:2-14

Holy Qurbana
IJohn3:2-17 , Galatians:4:1-7

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