Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Egoism and self-love create an inauthentic life.

 This is  a small portion of a greater homily by Archibishop Lazar Puhalo , as transcribed from the  book "Not by Bread alone' on the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew Chapter 18 :1-5
" Unless you be converted and become as little children , you shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven." Unless you cease being egocentric, living in delusion about yourself, and return to authenticity of life , acknowledging what and who you are in reality, you will not be able to enter heaven ; or perhaps just as correctly, " you will not be able to experience the kingdom of heaven in your heart" ( see Luke 17:21)

Is it not our very delusions about ourselves that prevent us from sincerely repenting? Is it not our failure to reconcile ourselves with our self that generates most of our bitterness and anger ? Perhaps one of the great paradoxes of our fallen nature is our tendency to become egocentric about a false illusion of ourselves rather than seeking to have a realization of our actual self. We spent more time cloaking the reality of our person from our own selves than struggling to perfect the virtues that should be natural to us. Often, our lack of humility stems from the desire to acquire that false sense of self-esteem that depend on the opinion of others - or worse still, on our impression of their opinion.  Yet what greater sense of value could we have, what more perfect source of necessary self -esteem could we draw from the fact that Christ our God loved us enough to give His life for our salvation? God loves us and values us for ourselves , provides the means for our sanctification , and never interferes with our freedom to chose or reject all that He has  given us. This is the key to authenticity of life: we have freedom. And God has provided for us the means of a return to our true being as His own image and likeness, letting us chose between reality and illusion, while guiding us toward the better like a loving parent. We are offered a freedom from desire that allows us to fully experience the pure and unconditional love of God


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