Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yet another SCOOCH meeting in 2015 !!!


It is indeed with a sad heart that I  wake to see that in this land of North America where racial discrimination and partiality is not acceptable when the Standing Council of Oriental Orthodox Church meet that that the participants and Diocesan Bishops in North America of Orthodox Church in India and its Catholicate is excluded and alienated .

- A whole community founded on its Apostolic faith handed by none other than St. Thomas, that was constantly involved with OO Christian relations including its Catholicose of the East representing the Oriental Orthodox Council of Heads held in 1965 at Addis Ababa and its Theologians like Fr. V.C Samuel , many unknown lay persons struggling on a day to day basis this wonderful faith amidst distractions is excluded and alienated .

While the choice to closing our eyes and pretending not to see or turn the other way , Please remember that allowing this discrimination to continue is not only a wrong against the Children living now including my own children, but also against our Lord Jesus Christ and His Body that we proclaim as ' One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church ' . Lord Have Mercy

March 17, 2015


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