Saturday, April 12, 2008

Liturgical Scripture Reading 2008

The site contains daily Scripture reading for 2008 developed by MGOCSM.

In the venerable Orthodox Christian tradition of the Fathers , Scripture are to be read not as isolated individuals,but as members of Church with the mind of the Church . To discover and use by daily seeking out the Scripture , as the Fathers have shown, for God's glory requires one to be clear on how we are to discover this 'Mind of the Church' - By How Scripture is used in Liturgy (Liturgical) and How the Fathers have interpreted and lived by them as Shining beacons before us (Patristic).

It is more difficult to get now when English language is norm to find Bible commentaries within Orthodox Christian tradition,based on the sequence of the daily readings in Liturgical Calendar .
and more especially for the Church in India, which had it's Liturgical Calendar changed in 1952 from the rest of the the Church. (Presenly for this year while the rest of the Orthodox Christian Church be the in Coptic Egypt, Ethiopia, Greek , Russian and even OCA in America traditions are yet to celebrate Holy Pascha in April 27 , the Indian Church had the celebration in March 23 like the Roman Catholics)

It is prayer that we dont forget to take up and use resources like this daily reading to begin and tun back to what we are called to do. In time the administrator of this blog will share some reflections. Please keep in prayer

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